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As long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with creating. In my childhood this translated into exploring nature, creating art and drawing what I saw. As I grew up these elements never left me, but transformed into what I do today, design!


My passion for design met it’s match in the construction world when, 13 years ago, I married my husband Trevor Dahl, a general contractor, and we moved into our first home as soon as we were married. Small projects around our house led to finishing our basement and a main floor remodel all within the first four years of marriage. With each new project we undertook I would dream big! It usually started with “Hey Trev, what if we...” and developed into brainstorming and budget planning and Trevor ultimately making my designs come to life. I dreamt it, he built it. Soon we were buying land and building what we thought was our forever home. We were the owner/builder and Trevor taught me everything from the ground up. I worked alongside him and our subs, laying pipe, pulling wire, and watching our home take shape. It was those years of hands on experience that became the foundation of my education in design. We have since moved on from our “forever home” and now live in a home that we have completely remodeled, but our very first home helped us discover that our relationship thrived in designing and building and we truly love to CREATE!


With over 10 years of experience in new construction, remodeling, styling and furnishing vacation homes I’m able to use my background in art and my knowledge and experience in construction to truly help my clients create homes and spaces with thoughtful design, attention to detail, and a wonderful knowledge of the home building processes. I know what it takes to be the client, the builder, and the tradesperson. Combine that with my eye for design and Dahlhaus Studio will become a truly valuable asset to your project.



Let’s get creating!

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